Transcendental Meditation Georgia
Transcendental Meditation in  Florida

Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural mental technique that produces a state of deep mental quietness and profound physiological rest. This allows the body to repair and renew itself, and gives the mind greater clarity and coherence. The result? Improved health, greater happiness, and increased social harmony. More than 600 published studies have verified that Transcendental Meditation actually works.

Transcendental Meditation in  Florida Transcendental Meditation in  Florida  
Transcendental Meditation in Florida
  TM® is simple, effortless, and enjoyable.
The fact is, people look forward to meditating...
  TM is the ultimate "stress-buster."
TM twice a day not only eliminates the effects of...
  TM simply works, right from the beginning.
Most people notice the effects during their first...
  The results of TM are measurable.
Improved health, enhanced mental functioning,...
Can I learn it? How does it compare?
More than 600 studies...
Creativity, Relationships, Health,...
Transcendental Meditation in Georgia
Courses in the TM technique are offered regularly across North and South Carolina. For local contact information, click the link for your area,, or call our National Call Center at 1-888-LEARN TM (1-888-532-7686).
Transcendental Meditation in Georgia  
Transcendental Meditation in Georgia
If you have already completed the Initial Instruction in TM, check in with your local TM Center! There's a lot going on that might interest you.
(Links will be activated as each TM Center completes its home page.)
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